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We continue joining forces with some amazing individuals and businesses!

Today we are announcing our latest sales partner, BizGearbox, and their CEO, Enda Eames. BizGearbox is a Certified Sales Partner embarking to promote the uQualio® solution in Ireland, UK, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand; making local advice and assistance available for our global solution.

“I am delighted to be able to offer uQualio® – the video eLearning platform as it is an ideal complement for the BizGearbox approach to eLearning and especially our ground-breaking Dynamic Micro Learning© (DML) methodology. This combination will offer clients a fast, lean, and agile way to empower workers with the needed knowledge and methods to get their different tasks completed – at the point of need. This is a genuine paradigm shift in how people can access key workplace knowledge and retain it, thereby enhancing productivity in today’s increasingly dynamic, demanding, and multi-tasking environment.” says Enda Eames.


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