Your own video e-learning platform  

uQualio® is the e-learning platform that enables you to offer your own video-based courses with the latest standards of learning

Training by phone, tablet or PC

Users can access all your courses online by phone, tablet or PC – and get 24/7 access to knowledge and learning material.

Interaction & documentation

You can e-mail with each user and get detailed documentation for, how each user has performed via ongoing progress and given badge levels.

Multiple purposes

For onboarding, performance, knowledge sharing, compliance documentation etc.

Why uQualio®?

  1. Easy to use – easily recognizable features enable users to operate intuitively without instruction
  2. Effective learning – based on videos, uQualio® facilitates the learning method, proven more effective than traditional learning
  3. Motivation – enables use of “bite size” (short and with low-complexity) videos, exercises, tests, dynamic communication and community gamification are motivational and optimizes learning
  4. Social Marketing – If the social elements are used on the platform – when users share their learning achievements as badges on social media – it increases visibility and credibility of your business and product, and you get full value through user-driven marketing.
  5. Simple yet flexible – you can easily compose, and update target groups and courses on your uQualio® platform. With prepared video material, you can launch a learning campaign in less than 30 minutes, no matter if you want to efficiently onboard new employees, share knowledge or document compliance
  6. Free 14-day Trial FREE TRIAL


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