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Dublin, Ireland

Sales & Business Development best practice

Differentiate your Product or Solution using our '80-15-5' method.


Sales & Account Management Training

You wouldn't put someone in charge of company financials without proper training, so in a similar way - you need to be sure your sales team has a proven pathway to securing profitable sales and retaining customers. The BizGearbox approach provides a customized blueprint for sales and marketing staff to engage customers authentically; understand and empathize with customer's business drivers; translate the value of your product into the customer's context; and justify a win-win outcome through effective negotiations.


The old 'one size fits all' approach to project delivery and business relationships is obsolete. The BizGearbox method draws from proven emotional intelligence approaches (Social Style, the Enneagram and NLP), agile processes (Scrum), and business acumen research to ensure that work-streams operate in a collaborative and effective way. We call this approach the 'TeamHack' - which helps team members to work and collaborate in a pragmatic, efficient and productive manner.

Project Delivery Services

The BizGearbox consultants have a broad level of experience and knowledge of Cloud software deployments - especially in CRM, eLearning and Digital Marketing.  The engagement can include a short assignment to get a project scoped and planned, an audit (and repair) of an existing sub-optimal implementation, or even specialist staff to get a project implemented in an aggressive time-frame, among others.

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